What It Is To Be A Wizard In The Modern Age

The mystique of a Wizard has been my life’s great passion for many a year. 

a Wizard
Magic, Kindness, Understanding and Love

People have always been fascinated with the men and women who dared to work with the creative energy and wonderful magic that the Wizards can form with their powers and good will.  With the brilliant understand that true magic comes from kindness, understanding and love… the Wizard’s efforts are to always help their families, friends and the communities they live in. I hope to help explain the simple purpose of Wizards, and further the beauty and power of wizardry.

First and Foremost…

To do true fun brilliant magic right! You need to look the part… you need to look like a wizard, or adopt a wizard-like style. There are many ways to do so. Long, flowing robes and capes can give you the wizard look. You can also wear wizard accessories, like a long belt or a Wizards hat. If you want, you can style your hair and makeup in a fashion that makes you look striking and wise, gives you that Wizard like look!

a Wizard

Wizards are known to carry wands. Many costume shops sell wands you can buy for a reasonable price. Some of the best wands come from Alivan’s, makers of fine handcrafted magic wands! You can also find wands at toy stores, especially if they sell products from the franchise Harry Potter. You can also make your own wand if you can’t find a satisfactory one near you. You have many different possibilities.

a Wizard

You may even consider a staff. Many wizards carry staffs, Gandalf (from LORD OF THE RINGS) had one remember, “You shall not pass!” He then hit the ground in front of him and set his magic in motion. This staff can be in addition to or instead of a wand. If you want to solidify the wizard look, consider carrying this large stick or pole with you. Once again you can buy this or make it yourself.

a Wizard

*I in no way make my Wizard cosplay part of the wonderful Druids belief system. Druids (Irish: Druí; Welsh: Derwydd) were members of the educated, professional class among the Celtic peoples of Gaul, Britain, Ireland, and possibly elsewhere during the Iron Age and is still even practiced today. The druid class included law-speakers, poets and doctors, among other learned professions, although the best known among the druids were the religious leaders.

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